Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

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  Our Suppliers have

  • Factories that work with solarenergy
  • Environmental work conditions
  • Recycled material

    Our collections 

  • Designed to have a long life
  • Environmentally conscious and has a reasonable price picture
  • Recycled recycled material that places demands on the entire garment's life cycle.

    Our vision

  • To deliver sustainable collections
  • To adapt to the environment with trends and fashion when we work with the design process
  • Delivers the best possible sustainability concept to the customer
  • To let the customer take note of the sustainability thinking in different actions

  What can you do?

  • Wear our collection ….we would love that
  • Mix and match with new and old stuff
  • Recycling your wear robe to second hand or give away to a friends
  • Let us know your point, send a meesage

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